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Pronouns: She/Her
Currently located in: Morelos, México
Roots: From my Mother, I carry European and Jewish ancestry, and from my Father, the soul of Haiti continues its diaspora. 
Season: Mother to a beautiful baby boy!

I value learning and sharing all things womb, birth, prenatal, postpartum, indigenous and ancestral wisdom, plant medicines, original and holistic medicines with as much integrity as possible, serving melanated communities, honoring the earth, and learning to be more anti-colonial and anti-fuckshit in general. So that’s what this space is all about.

Julie Brierre

"The Mark of Holiness is Wholeness"​

My Why

Wholly Wombxn was created for all people with wombs. This is a safe, anti-colonial community exploring modern and ancestral practices for womb health, healing, and the empowered authentic living it all leads to. Without the typically feminine and gendered specificities. 

While I don’t believe certifications and schools are always necessary, I do have two certifications which have served me in different ways and provide me with safe guidelines to follow, and useful knowledge to expand upon. 
The first is my health coach cert from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. This training helped me navigate my own food allergies and support others in a holistic, empowered way from a foundation of bio-diversity and food politics.
The second is my vaginal steam facilitator cert from Steamy Chick’s Peristeam Hydrotherapist Institute, a Woman + POC owned company. 
Following a new passion and curiosity of mine, I’m currently also working towards becoming a certified Human Design practitioner through Paige Michelle’s The Board.

I created Wholly Wombxn from a place of craving community, realizing I know so little about my own body and how to nourish her, seeing the colonial institution of “health and medicine” fail so many people and communities, and feeling the call to return to ancestral wisdom. My goal is to share in integrity my own experiences, perspectives and learned practices with you in the hope that they will benefit you too, as well as inspire you on your own journey of personal and ancestral reclamation.

I intend Wholly Wombxn to be a powerful resource for any age, with something for everyone from Menarche to Menopause and everything in between. Wholly Wombxn is committed to being an inclusive safe space and serving black, brown, indigenous and LGBTQIA+ communities especially.

The name Wholly Wombxn was inspired by a quote from A Course In Miracles; 

“The mark of holiness, is wholeness.” 

This community and its offerings are a part of what makes me whole and my intention is that it will, at the very least, fill in some gaps for you too. ❣️

Knowledge is just information until it becomes wisdom through application.

More About Peristeam Hydrotherapy

Peristeam Hydrotherapy, also known as yoni steaming, vaginal steaming, or perineum steaming, womb steaming, steaming etc. is a powerful, ancient practice that can serve everyone. Sitting or kneeling over a comfortably warm pot of steamy herbs, you will experience the medicine pelvic steaming has to offer even from just one session. People with or without wombs can experience the benefits of pelvic steaming as it can also improve digestion by way of the anus.


Some benefits of pelvic steaming include:

Deep sleep
Increased vaginal nectar (clear pleasant-smelling fertile mucus)
Heightened libido + sexual sensation
Heightened fertility (supports healthy ovulation)
Circulation improvement
Melt scar tissue
Decreased PMS symptoms
Water retention disbursement
Emotional balance
Skin beautification
Tightened + lifted vaginal canal
Scar softening
Helps prevention + treatment of ingrown hairs


Pelvic steaming is commonly used to help correct:

Felt as cramps and seen as old/dark blood at the beginning or end of bleed, stagnation is a sign of an incomplete uterine cleanse. If the uterus doesn’t fully expel everything it needs to during menstruation, it will continue to try hard to do so until it reaches a state of fatigue.

Short or long cycle
A healthy cycle should be between 28 and 30 days long. A cycle of 27 days or less is a sign of uterine fatigue and can lead to fertility difficulties. Cycles lasting 29 days or longer is a sign of stagnation and a uterus asking for assistance in fully cleansing.

Irregular ovulation
Missing or late ovulation can lead to fertility issues. If a cycle is too short, ovulation may not have enough time to occur. Eggs released too late have a harder time being fertilized.

Missing bleed
Absent menstruation is a big sign the uterus needs some assistance. A uterus not engaging in its self-regulation will eventually encounter fertility difficulties.

Cysts + Fibroids
Hysterectomies are the 2nd most prescribed surgery for Wombxn in the US. With the growing recognition of pelvic of steaming, many are now realizing there are non-invasive answers to their problems, like steam gently melting them away.

Irregular discharge, yeast, viruses + infections
The right herbal formula can be used to disinfect and cleanse. 

Proved in studies to facilitate postpartum healing at an astonishingly high rate, the practice of pelvic steaming is a perfectly nourishing postpartum ally.


Why work with a pelvic steam facilitator?

Nothing about your body’s system is one size fits all. You have specific needs.
Bio-individuality baby, one person’s nourishment is another’s poison.

There’s tons of steam blends available now for purchase, tons of YouTube how-to videos, but none that are made specifically for you and your needs.

Herbs are amazing allies, and really powerful ones. They should be approached with integrity and used wisely and with caution. Herbs that are incorrect for you can have quite harmful effects. Using an herbal blend with predominantly cleansing properties when you have a already have a short cycle, will cause an even earlier onset of bleeding. A blend that introduces too much moisture to a vagina already experiencing dampness can exacerbate the situation further. If a person with signs of excess heat steams for too long, they could experience anything from discomfort to physical harm… You get it.

The only right way to steam is safely. When working with a pelvic steam practitioner such as myself, you can be sure that you’re working with the herbs correct for you and with the proper setup, in a guided and supportive container.

Still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything!
I created my free 30 minute consult to be the perfect, no pressure space to ask any questions you have about steaming safely and working together.


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I am ready to reclaim the sovereignty of my womb

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