Complete Cycle Care Kit


A one time investment into life-long self womb care. Custom Peristeam Hydrotherapy protocols, guidance and support, for any cycle, womb, and vaginal irregularities or discomforts.

This is a one time investment into life-long self womb care. You will be equipped with essential tools + information to take care of your Self and your womb for the rest of your life.

This package is designed to give you the tools you need to address any abnormal cycle, womb, and/or vaginal symptoms you are experiencing with safe, tailored, Peristeam Hydrotherapy protocols and supportive cycle care suggestions.

This is for you if you experience any of the following:

  • Cycles shorter than 27 days
  • Cycles longer than 29 days
  • Short bleeds, 3 days or less
  • Long bleeds, 5 days or more
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Black, brown, pale pink, orange, flaky, or sticky blood
  • Spotting
  • Cramps, dry cramps
  • Blood clots, stringiness
  • Fertility struggles
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Flaky, smelly, grey, mucus like, or otherwise abnormal discharge
  • Infections, yeast, UTIs, HPV, PH imbalance
  • Fibroids, cysts, bumps
  • Challenging PMS symptoms
  • The desire to understand your womb + cycle and to connect with and nourish your Self in an empowering, sovereign, ancestral way
  • Readiness to commit to your healing and put in the time and effort it requires to see the results

This container provides you with:

  • Menstrual cycle analysis
  • Individualized steam plan
  • Custom herbal formula recipe
  • Wholly Wombxn steam seat + tote bag
  • 1 60 minute video connection to get things rolling smoothly
  • Proper womb cleanse care guidance
  • An understanding of the 4 Inner Seasons, cycle tracking + how to implement that information into your daily life
  • Wholly Wombxn Workbook
  • Anytime support via Voxer for the duration of 1 full cycle for questions, support, updates, tracking progress and accountability
  • Checkins for the following 2 full cycles

My approach is intended not for you to depend on me, nor attempt to be the authority over your body, only to guide you and offer information in safely using powerful practices so you may be empowered in your own healing as the sovereign, Wholly being you are.

After our time together, you will be fully equipped to continue your practice on your own.
If there are any changes to your cycle or needs in the future, a returning client consult will be available for you.


– Payment plans available, please email with the subject line “payment plan inquiry” and include the package you are interested in, I will be happy to set something up for you that works for the both of us. I am also happy to discuss trades of services and/or goods! –

*Please note, at this time, this package does not come with your supply of herbs, only the recipe. You will be responsible for purchasing your own herbs which are typically readily available and not very expensive.*


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